You will find interesting facts that I managed to catch on the forum and Discord, these will be mainly differences between ordinary OTSs, and the real 7.4 mechanics recovered by Tibiantis.

Monsters can spam combos really fast because there's no max attacks defined, the only difference between hunter and elf scout is their chances to "cast spell".

Monsters that normally don't push boxes, but were summoned by a monster that does push - may also push it. Skeletons wouldn't push/destroy it, but since they are controlled by beholder - they will.

Pathfinding comparision.


Fleeing monsters do not 'lag' every step and they turn into target's direction every time.

Also, when monster will fly to far from it respawn (those who actually run on low health or like rabbit/sheep) they won't go further than their respawn nor can be pushed. Monster will fly away even after using exeta res.

One of the long-forgotten mechanics was also the so-called "overspawn". Monsters used to respawn again when their previous instance went too far from the spawn site (or changed floor). However, monsters do not move on their own, when there's nobody nearby on the same floor, so they will not overspawn by themselves. Also, player will block respawns 2 floors above and 2 below when they are underground and all levels above if on surface. Mino hell example:

Monsters re-spawns after being roped by only 1 floor, but also when they go more than 10 suqares. Example from black knight spawn, because it was never noted to appear doubled. It spawns in the middle of room, having 8 squares each side.

Monsters' loot is generated at the time of respawn and placed in "virtual" inventory (sush as the player's one), so it may have an effect by for example increasing monster's armor.
Monsters can also train their skills up, the same way as players do. However, they do not all train at the same speed, but some have greater "skill potential" than others. For example, spider was one of those with the highest train-potential.
Tibiantis uses the same algorithm as Tibia 7.4, so every monster will appear in the right place. The respawn time is not constant, but each time partly randomized and depending on the number of players online.

Some spells used to have a minimum power set, so that even the lowet possible level/mlevel player won't hit below a certain value. Spells with physical damage are reduced by armor, poison storm has its due range (greater than UE).

When casting spells you can skip the quotation mark for one-word parameters and seperate first syllable with a space (e.g. ut ani hur).
In the old days there was different exhaust system, so it was possible using UH rune and exura vita spell simultaneously. Spamming spells, changing weapons or performing various actions may cause delay to player attacks. There isn't also delay after 'use', so player can drink mana fluids and immediately move a vial or cure paralysis while moving.

"ThrowPossible" explanation (for runes attack for example) with warlocks. The yellow square is an obstacle that blocks shooting. "P" stand for players (or creatures in general). The green arrow indicates shooting in that line is possible, red - not possible.

The actual line of shot, blockade on any of those squares, that arrow goes through (and only those), would stop you from shooting on the e-field spot.

Moving does not cancel the push that was sent earlier. Also this is how double push works.

Spears has 30 attack, all distance weapons break every hit (except for spears that don't break at all but they fall on the ground), item weight is in 0.0 format, shields shows their attack (and it's possible to wear two shields at once) and the plural form for each countable item is adjusted.

Reset floor system with daily respawns are present on server. When there are no players near the place at certain time, some squares might be refreshed few times a day. Not all, but only those marked with the "refresh" flag. Other squares will not be refreshed even during save server, so it's opportunity to hide lootbags for several days.

There is no 7.4 Ankrahmun on the server, but instead a custom place is placed.

You can't give yourself 'tp' using items.

7.7 push mechanic which won't be present on Tibiantis.

You can't use rope on rope spot when there are any creature or item, so it's the workaround. It have to be done in a right moment just before the bag was moved. Done too early or too late would fail due to one of the actions getting canceled.

You can retrieve item from field before other item will cover it.

Rookgaard temple isn't a protection zone.