Online time list

From midnight to midnight.
Name Level -4 days -3 days -2 days yesterday today last 5 days
Savok 19 9h 35m17h 15m15h 55m13h 10m9h 10m 2d 17h 5m
Zilean 25 9h 55m16h 35m15h 30m16h 25m6h 30m 2d 16h 55m
Bunker 20 19h 40m12h 35m12h 20m15h 10m5h 10m 2d 16h 55m
Thepadrino 28 13h 45m14h 45m14h 55m14h 40m6h 5m 2d 16h 10m
Devilianz 59 15h 40m15h 15m14h 10m16h 35m1h 40m 2d 15h 20m
Chuys 14 16h 10m15h 40m12h 35m16h2h 30m 2d 14h 55m
Dravzin 145 12h14h 15m15h 45m12h 30m8h 10m 2d 14h 40m
Pink Panther 20 13h 50m7h 35m14h 45m16h 50m9h 40m 2d 14h 40m
Shun 27 11h 10m15h 25m16h11h 15m8h 45m 2d 14h 35m
Morpheu The God 24 15h 30m16h 5m16h 45m13h 30m0 2d 13h 50m
Feflun 22 13h 20m14h13h12h 35m8h 35m 2d 13h 30m
Narcomancer 32 13h14h 15m11h 15m17h4h 20m 2d 11h 50m
Children 23 13h 15m12h 40m14h 50m12h 5m5h 40m 2d 10h 30m
Uhiha 36 11h11h 55m14h 35m13h 5m7h 25m 2d 10h
Jacquouille 29 10h 25m14h 35m10h 55m16h 35m4h 50m 2d 9h 20m
Taki takima 16 12h 30m9h 45m16h13h 10m5h 40m 2d 9h 5m
Construction worker 20 14h 15m14h 5m8h 10m12h 20m8h 5m 2d 8h 55m
Eadrin 29 14h 35m14h 30m14h 25m12h 45m5m 2d 8h 20m
Aku Ankka 22 9h 55m14h 10m15h12h 30m4h 45m 2d 8h 20m
Zacsito 20 9h 10m11h 15m12h13h 35m8h 45m 2d 6h 45m
Gendar 22 12h13h 20m13h 40m11h 45m3h 55m 2d 6h 40m
Hakkano 38 14h 35m12h11h 20m14h 15m2h 15m 2d 6h 25m
Chupulun 20 13h13h 10m13h 10m10h 55m4h 2d 6h 15m
Isabelha 20 14h 35m12h 25m9h13h 45m3h 35m 2d 5h 20m
Nair Kelli 23 7h 40m14h 25m11h 50m12h 45m5h 50m 2d 4h 30m
Fyaris 21 14h 40m15h 55m11h 50m2h 20m7h 30m 2d 4h 15m
Izzio 26 11h 20m9h 10m11h 50m12h 20m7h 10m 2d 3h 50m
Vinzenz 15 8h 40m10h 20m11h 40m14h 15m6h 35m 2d 3h 30m
Juank 24 9h 15m9h 50m16h 35m9h5h 35m 2d 2h 15m
Cheeseburger 20 5h 40m11h 45m13h 10m11h 40m8h 2d 2h 15m
Fuy 24 11h 45m14h 15m11h 5m8h 15m4h 45m 2d 2h 5m
El Causa 17 7h 25m11h 30m13h 55m14h2h 45m 2d 1h 35m
Hassassimm 38 13h 20m9h 40m14h 20m5h 50m6h 15m 2d 1h 25m
Ethalia 19 9h 5m13h 10m11h 30m13h 15m2h 25m 2d 1h 25m
Pieczony Makak 22 15h 10m15h 15m10h 50m5h 30m2h 20m 2d 1h 5m
Iron nou 23 7h 50m7h 35m13h 45m9h 10m10h 15m 2d 35m
Rayla 129 9h 35m13h 5m11h 40m10h 5m4h 5m 2d 30m
Soy papi 33 10h 30m13h 20m11h7h 50m5h 50m 2d 30m
Pov 38 10h 20m13h8h 40m10h 50m5h 20m 2d 10m
Lady Healler 16 5h 20m13h 55m12h 15m11h 20m5h 15m 2d 5m
Xidedo 16 11h 5m11h 25m9h 35m6h 50m8h 45m 1d 23h 40m
Galizius 17 012h 50m12h 40m13h 30m7h 50m 1d 22h 50m
Infidels Slayer 47 12h10h 5m14h 15m7h 5m3h 15m 1d 22h 40m
Chotto 21 10h 35m13h 50m11h 15m9h 15m1h 30m 1d 22h 25m
The rock 17 10h 10m11h 30m10h 50m11h 10m2h 45m 1d 22h 25m
Jahovsky 141 11h 25m9h 50m12h 55m6h 45m5h 20m 1d 22h 15m
Op Ludzik 36 13h 15m10h 45m9h 25m11h 20m1h 5m 1d 21h 50m
Exxpert 14 2h 55m13h 10m12h 25m10h 45m6h 30m 1d 21h 45m
Yeiko 19 7h 20m12h 25m3h 50m16h 5m6h 1d 21h 40m
Vielebny 24 5m10h 35m12h 25m12h 30m9h 35m 1d 21h 10m