Online fishers

Name Level Skill -4 days -3 days -2 days yesterday today last 5 days
Picatrix 51 82 3h 13m 56s3h 13m2h 1m 1s3h 1s25m 11h 52m 58s
Diaboli 44 71 7h 17m 58s4h 50m 59s5h 40m 55s4h 30m3h 33m 1d 1h 52m 52s
Kefla 19 64 10h 30m12h 33m13h 18m6h 24m48m 1d 19h 33m
Jadee 20 62 6h 1m 59s12h 29m 1s13h 49m6h 28m 59s53m 1d 15h 41m 59s
Pitus 33 60 8h 1m 59s8h 55m 4s8h 31m 59s2h 17m 1s2h 26m 1d 6h 12m 3s
Joint 82 59 4h 26m 2s2h 53m 2s11h 54m 59s2h 11m 2s2h 7m 23h 32m 5s
Lunken 38 57 13m 58s053m 59s3h 13m1h 23m 59s 5h 44m 56s
The Helper 19 57 8h 1m 57s8h 28m 59s7h 2m 2s7h 48m 59s2h 34m 1s 1d 9h 55m 58s
Kimber 23 56 9h 52m13h 21m 57s13h 43m 56s12h 58s3h 1m 2d 3h 59m 51s
Scarlett Johansson 20 55 14h 47m 59s13h 57m 58s13h 51m 1s13h 1m 59s3h 50m 2d 11h 28m 57s
Dak'kon 52 54 13h 13m 59s12h 43m 1s13h 38m 1s10h 16m 59s5h 18m 59s 2d 7h 10m 59s
Camello 20 53 3h 39m 59s4h 12m7h 2m 59s4h 10m2h 34m 59s 21h 39m 57s
Dreadzen 27 53 1h 2m7h 58s14h 20m 58s14h 30m 1s6h 5m 57s 1d 18h 59m 54s
Awesome Rotworm 43 52 1h 27m1h 21m06h 30m3h 17m 12h 35m
Ermastone 33 51 1h 45m 53s4h 28m 53s4h 9m 3s3h 4m 59s2h 16m 15h 44m 48s
Illuinil 31 51 1h 14m01h 43m5h 26m 58s5m 8h 28m 58s
Tribica 40 51 000015m 15m
Merida the wind of change 18 50 3h 45m 58s1h 25m3h 29m7h 19m5h 14m 1s 21h 12m 59s